Moxi.Biz: What’s in a name?
In Surinam, the country with the world’s most diverse population, a person of mixed cultural heritage is called a ‘Moksi’ (Mix). This name represents the mission of Moxi.Biz: to stimulate integration of diversity in doing business. The ‘X’ stands for the X-factor, as integrating diversity succesfully enables companies to gain a competitive edge. Moxie also means ‘having guts’ and ‘acting with determination’. This description perfectly fits the hands-on and no-nonsense way that Moxi.Biz delivers her services.

Rianne Dragt, founder of Moxi.Biz

“I was born and raised in Amstelveen – suburbs of Amsterdam – as a daughter of first generation Surinamese migrants. I successfully pursued a degree in International Business and Management, landed my first job in sales/marketing and eventually realized I’d rather want to use my knowledge to make a difference and create the change that I want to see in the world. So I quit my job and eventually became a Cultural Anthropologist on a mission. Two important themes in my life were and still are the representation of multicultural groups and play a role in the personal and professional development of the multicultural community.
As such I helped set up a network organization for multicultural talent and organized several events to stimulate their personal and professional development. In 2008 I started my first company to increase the visibility of young multicultural talents. I continued contributing to organizations that were creating opportunities for multicultural talent or empowering the community. In 2015 I set up a diversity and inclusion commission in the young network of the Municipality of Amsterdam from the lack of (cultural) diversity that I saw during events and social gatherings. During my period as a chairwoman I managed to mobilize multicultural employees and from this role contributed to the wider diversity and inclusion project within the organization.
In 2015 I connected the dots of my personal and professional endeavors and founded Moxi.Biz.”

‘Marketing is first and foremost about people. Cultural marketing is about understanding our differences, while focusing on what we have in common.’

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