Moxi.Biz’ mission is to raise awareness of the so-called New Majority of consumers and help companies connect with multicultural customer groups successfully. Marketing strategies where target groups are only defined by age, ethnicity or geography are outdated. Nowadays a successful marketing strategy asks for cultural sensitivity and awareness of the different (product) needs and ways in which to communicate effectively with different consumer groups. Moxi.Biz helps you identify and get connected with a multicultural audience. In this way Moxi.Biz aids in creating new business opportunities for your organization.



Do you feel the need of attracting a new group of multicultural clients, but are unsure of how to go about it? Or are you in doubt whether the representation in your communication is ‘culture-proof’? We are here to help. Through our consulting services we will help you tap into the unique needs and authentic way of speaking to / with culturally specific groups of customers.

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We can conduct research to help you gain insights and data into (untapped) markets aimed at fulfilling the needs of multicultural customer groups and in turn more business for you as a company. Think of e.g. specific skin, hair or make-up products. Our research also helps with more effective (online and offline) market communication with these groups.

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Training / Workshops

Moxi.Biz aims to update your knowledge in the field of cultural diversity and the impact of demographic and global shifts on the scope of your clientele. We do this from the perspective that business is first and foremost about understanding people and how to tap into the needs of the ‘new majority’ of todays customers.

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